The B Goods Story

“There’s fun to be had” said the forest to the cabin. “Let’s go and play” said the cabin to the forest. Together, they climbed up the mountain, stopping where the hikers would stop to take in the view. They sat and planned their next adventures, seeing how far they could go. “I can see forever!” said the cabin to the forest.*

That’s not the end of the story, you can fold the page there. We love stories, the sharing of adventures. Every B Goods pattern has a story behind it and every B Goods product brings the story into the home, stories of nature and travel, of life and living, of communities, colour, friendships and freedom.

This ethos has led to us now working with a selection of meticulous printers, craftsmen and product manufacturers across Great Britain to create our products, to tell our stories and share our adventures.


* by the way, the forest and the cabin lived happily ever after.