Geo Graphica Range

Geo Graphica
A Pattern Story


“Throughout the Nordic countries they nestle amongst hills, cliff-tops, valleys and meadows; small but hardy characters, protecting their families, wearing hats of birch bark and grass. Historic souls, prepared to brave the wind, rain and snow to nurture it’s people, their skin tarred black, their eyes a sharp, clean white, their exteriors strong and unforgiving, their interiors full of warmth and heart.”


Inspired by the striking black grass-roof houses built from Scandinavia to the Faroe Islands and Iceland, Geo-Graphica is a strong, striking, timeless pattern that by it’s very nature works symbiotically with natural surroundings, as the houses have done for a thousand years. 


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Geo Graphica Floor Cushion
Geo Graphica Round Cushion
Geo Graphica Fabric
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